P E F K O S    B O A T    R E N T A L


This is a list that provides answers to our most frequently asked questions. For more information, please contact us:

If you can drive a car then driving a boat is a piece of cake! After giving you some instructions on how to operate your boat and where you can go you are ready to become Captain of your own boat !!!

No, you don't need to have speedboat driving license to operate any of our boats.

Of course it is! We make sure that every member on board who can't swim wears a life jacket.

Yes they can, we also provide life jackets especially for children and babies.

With our boats you can go as far as 1 mile straight out from our base and 6 miles South the Island towards Lardos and Kiotari. There is plenty of space to drive araound and many resorts to see and admire.

Make sure you always check your time on your watch or mobile phone. If you don't have a watch or a mobile with you, we then provide you with a mobile phone so you can check the time and have contact with us.

Nope! The fuel is included in the price.

Yes they do, all of our boats must have insurance because if our boats are not insured we can't have a boat rental license.

We make sure that our engines and boats are in good condition and working perfect. If the boat gets damaged underneath, that means that you were not careful. If the damage is on the top of the engine, that has nothing to do with you. Remember though, always respect the boat and the sea and you are going to have a perfect trip!

There is a sticker with our mobile phone on every boat in case of emergency. If you are lost or your engine has stop, please give us a call anytime and we will help you immediately!